Download: DIGI_summer_syllabus

Week 1: What is Digital Humanities?

“Humanistic Theory and Digital Scholarship” Johanna Drucker 2012 Debates in Digital Humanities – Ed. Matt Gold
“Digital Humanities: The Expanded Field” Lauren Klein and Matthew K. Gold 2016 Debates in Digital Humanities – Eds. Matt Gold and Lauren Klein

Find and review three active projects:
a) What to you need/want to see as a user?
b) How would you define a successful project?
c) What can you take from this review for your own project?

Lists of active projects can be found on our resources page. Feel free to find others that might be more closely aligned with your project.

Add your comments to the project review page.

Week 2: Defining the Question
What research question are you trying to answer?
What projects/resources already exist?
Where can you contribute to the conversation?
Annotated bibliography of 10 sources and/or projects that relate to your topic or methodology

Week 3: Thesis Statement
Given the resources available and the current scholarly discussion what is your hypothesis? What tools will you need to build your argument?
Find and evaluate 3 digital tools that could be useful in your project.
a) What are the benefits of each?
b) What limitations to they have?
c) Which is your best option and why?

Week 4: Data Collection
Define “data” for your project
What/how much will you need to answer your research question?
a) Where can you find it?
b) How will you capture it?
c) What form does it need to be in
Develop a data plan, organize notes, and collect research material

Week 5: Building your project
Putting the pieces together
Using your data and your tool together
a) What happens if it doesn’t work?
b) What do you do when it does work?
Make an argument from your data. Draft of written component due

Week 6: Revising, Reviewing, and Representation
Revise a draft of your project
Where do you go from here?
a) Conference
b) Grad school app
c) Journal article
Prepare for presenting findings in mini-conference

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