Intro to DH


2012 Debates in Digital Humanities – Ed. Matt Gold

2016 Debates in Digital Humanities – Eds. Matt Gold and Lauren Klein

2016 LA Review of Books series on The Digital in the Humanities


Bethany Nowviskie – Director of DLF

Miriam Posner – UCLA DH

Lists of ongoing projects:

HASTAC list of lists

ModNets – Modernist Networks

Lists of tools:

Tapor 3 

Alan Liu’s DH toolchest

The Programming Historian

Common DH tools used at UGA

DH Resources in Spanish

Revista de humanidades digitales

Biblioteca Virtual de Miguel Cervantes: like lots of items there

Digital Library of the Caribbean

Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage

List of DH programs and certificates

A Survey of Digital Humanities Programs – Chris Alen Sula, Pratt Institute School of Information, S. E. Hackney, University of Pittsburgh, Phillip Cunningham, Amistad Research Center

UGA Resources:

Visualizations and basic resources on our page

Video tutorials on Excel

Video tutorials on R and R Studio

Thesis Statements

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