Jordan Miceli

Hi! My name is Jordan Miceli and I am a rising senior at UGA. I’m actively pursuing a major in International Affairs and a double minor in Women’s Studies and History. After graduating in May 2019 I intend to continue on to law school where I hope to study Human Rights law as it pertains to the United States and the world, specifically concerning women and children.

Version 2Concerning my research, I am hoping to look into the effect that┬áthe Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, more commonly known as CEDAW, has had on seven party states from each major world region.┬áThe international treaty is one that has seen widespread support from the international community after its adoption by the UN General Assembly in the late 1970s, with all but seven member-states, the United States among them, ratifying or acceding to the convention. For my project, I seek to investigate how women’s participation in political life has changed since the ratification of the treaty in the selected party states in comparison with the United States. The implementation of Articles 4 and 7 of CEDAW, which specifically address this topic, are so critical given that women make up half of a country’s population, but are they as equally represented in their country’s government? Are their voices being heard? I hope to answer these questions and others that will likely come up as I dive in to a fascinating treaty through a digital humanities platform.


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