Maggie Dryden

My name is Maggie Dryden, and I am a rising senior at UGA. I am majoring in English, minoring in History, and completing my certificate in Digital Humanities. When I was growing up, my dream job was to be the person that reads and picks the winner for the National Book Award. If anyone has a contact for that opportunity, here’s my card. In the meantime, here’s a picture of me with the famous door of James Joyce’s Ulysses. 


For my research, I want dive into the world of literary modernism. I’m interested to see what kinds of effects geographical location has on artistic generation, specifically in the realm of poetry. Delving into the modernist hotspots of Paris, New York City, and London, I will attempt to track thematic movement within the different branches of modernism as well as the geographic movement of the writers themselves, all the while keeping in mind the question of why people move around so dang much.

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